Did you know How long Real Madrid winning streak lasted?

Did you know How long Real Madrid winning streak lasted?

Real Madrid have been dropped from the moto at a very crucial time. The defeat against Wolfsburg is the first suffered by the white set after a six-game Real Madrid winning streak between La Liga and Champions League. A blow has come in which was apparently the best time of the season to make a comeback.

Did you know How long Real Madrid winning streak lasted?



The Real Madrid winning streak began on March 2 against Levante and a month later finished breaking by Wolfsburg. That night, the meringues won by 1-2 in Valencia City. Three days later, Real Madrid thrashed Celta 7-1. On March 8, Roma fall 2-0 at the Santiago Bernabeu. Goals from Cristiano Ronaldo and James Rodriguez allowed the Madrid side managed to pass to the quarterfinals without too many problems. Las Palmas was the next hurdle that Madrid exceeded, this time, not without difficulties. A Casemiro goal both in the discount would give three very valuable points to Real Madrid.

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The 4-0 result against Sevilla was the confirmation that the team had risen definitively; Benzema, Cristiano Ronaldo, Bale and Jesse were the authors of the goals this time. It was the prelude to the great victory in the Camp Nou by a margin of 1-2. From there everything seemed sailing smooth, but the harsh reality has struck again in Germany. Real Madrid side has been uneven from the start of the season both in terms of game results and available squad.

Real Madrid winning streak (2)The side had to improvise on many vital occasions after missing out their star players for physical problems. Losing both to Barcelona and Atletico Madrid at home, mid-season managerial change and the inability to run for the La Liga title has made the side very much unreliable. It was just starting to appear great for the ten time European Champions this whole season especially after their victory at Camp Nou. However again the Real Madrid winning streak has been broken in an unexpected way and the side is struggling to believe itself.