Top 5 favorite dishes of Cristiano Ronaldo


To say that Cristiano Ronaldo is just a great footballer is an understatement.  The Portuguese star is also a fashion icon due to his charismatic personality and incredible physic. The Real Madrid forward is a true superstar, which implies that every action of his ends up under the limelight and followed everywhere across the world. Likewise Ronaldo’s dressing style, classic watches, cars collection or even hairstyle is a point of focus. Inevitably, there is a  massive amount of  fans who follow his eating habits as well. ‘Cristiano Ronaldo favorite food and meals ‘is list of those food items whom CR7 loves most to eat. Top 5  favorite dishes of Cristiano Ronaldo are listed here,as depicted by Portuguese national team chef Hélio Loureiro,

The man responsible for cooking for the Portuguese National Team players for the past 9 years, started by mentioning Ronaldo’s, the Portuguese “Bacalhau à Bras” (cod “à Bras” in English).

Hélio Loureiro: “It’s not much of a secret really. Ronaldo’s favorite dish is indeed the “Bacalhau à Brás” and even his mother already talked about that. It’s a shredded cod with shoestring potatoes, and wrapped on eggs and onion. It’s really delicious food and I can tell you everyone in Portugal loves it!”, noted the chef.

Although a dish like the “Bacalhau à Brás” is actually very caloric, the cook assures that Ronaldo apparently doesn’t eat it that frequently, since doing so could end up putting in risk his very strict diets.

The Portuguese forward loves to go out to fancy restaurants and relish each bite and taste of whatever is being served at the table.

Hélio Loureiro: “Today, Ronaldo is definitely a great admirer of gourmet food. A good risotto for example, with arborio rice and stuffed with funghi is appealing to him. He began eating it more ever since he went to play for Manchester, in England. He also loves having vegetable soups, preferably at night”, revealed the Portuguese chef.

One of the facts that might probably surprise most of Ronaldo fans, concerns his recently-acquired taste for wine. It’s well known that Ronaldo  has always refrained himself from drinking alcohol even as a teenager, but over the past few years, he has grown taste for a good wine when the occasion allows it. His favorite wine is the immensely popular Port Wine, produced in  Douro Valley in Porto.

And obviously, there also had to be space for a traditional dish from Madeira in the chart. Ronaldo really loves his origins, probably as much as he adores eating some delicious beef skewers with fried cornmeal, more popularly known as the “Espetada Madeirense” in his birth town of Madeira.

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