“I am following the footsteps of Cristiano Ronaldo”: Eric Dier

“I am following the footsteps of Cristiano Ronaldo”: Eric Dier.

Eric Dier has said he has a feeling that he is following in the strides of Cristiano Ronaldo did – though on a littler scale – by going after the ideal blend of Portuguese specialized and English physicality. The Spurs youth has additionally uncovered his mystery for managing Chelsea awful kid Diego Costa –don’t battle him, yet rather be pleasant, as Diet did in a year ago’s Capital One Cup last.


Dier moved to White Hart Lane in the mid year of 2014 in the wake of becoming famous with Ronaldo’s youth side, Sporting Lisbon. Albeit conceived in England, his family emigrated to Portugal when he was seven.

The 21-year-old advanced through the positions at Sporting some time recently, in January 2011, moving to Everton on credit for his first experience of the English diversion. In spite of the fact that his spell at Goodison was not a simple one, Dier lets it out assisted his advancement with adding so as to follow Ronaldo’s way English muscle to the ability he had learned at Sporting.

“I am doing it on a much lower level than [Ronaldo],” Dier said during a long interview with The Guardian. “But for me, if you get 50% Portuguese and 50% English, it really is the perfect mix. My dad basically said I needed a kick up the backside. So I went to Merseyside, and you can never get a bigger kick up the backside than there, coming from Portugal.

“If I am completely honest, I absolutely… I didn’t hate it but, at the time, I just thought: ‘Get me out of here’,” Dier says. “It was so different to what I was used to. The lifestyle, the weather, the place, the people… even the language was a factor. The Scouse accent was tough for me. And, in football terms, it was a lot more aggressive.”

In any case, the experience stood him in great stead when it came to adjusting to life in North London. Dier has been one of the disclosures of Spurs this season as such, exceeding expectations in a midfield part instead of the guarded situating he embraced a year ago. Notwithstanding, he urged event as a defender, beginning 25 Premier League matches and exceeding expectations in the Capital One Cup last, when he kept Diego Costa calm.

The Blues hitman as of late portrayed himself as the new awful kid of the Premier League. Nonetheless, Dier trusts the best approach to handle the Spain universal is to execute him with generosity, as opposed to begin a

“I think I handled Costa well,” Dier said. “He is the kind of guy that you need to be nice to. I see all these people trying to fight him. I’m not sure that’s the way to go. At the beginning, I wanted to make sure he knew I wasn’t going to roll over but after that he seemed fine to me. Obviously, we both speak Portuguese and we spoke a lot during the game. It was all good-humoured. There wasn’t any malice from either side.”