Why critics think Wayne Rooney was a better player than Ronaldo?

Why critics think Wayne Rooney was a better player than Ronaldo?

One of the stories of the Premier League season has been the execution of Manchester United and England chief Wayne Rooney – more to the point, his critical execution.

It was believed at past that the England National team captain Wayne Rooney was a better player than Cristiano Ronaldo.



In 2015 Rooney has just six objectives in the Premier League and three of these have come against one of the class’ doormats, Sunderland. Rooney’s battles proceeded on Saturday with his group being held scoreless by Crystal Palace.

It was a Rooney execution that has ended up basic spot – poor first touch, off the pace, very effectively seized and by and large consigned to the outskirts of the diversion.

It is far beneath the standard you would anticipate from a player who is supposedly the 5th highest paid player on the planet at over $450,000 every week and with a Manchester United vocation objective rate of near one each two amusements.

Rio Ferdinand also once quoted that “Wayne Rooney was a better player than Ronaldo”.

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In February 2014 Rooney marked an agreement augmentation that will as far as anyone knows keep him at Old Trafford until June 2019. However that agreement is starting to look more like a grapple for Manchester United each time Rooney as taken to the pitch this season.

Such is the level of media investigation that just recently Manchester United Manager Louis Van Gaal communicated his irritation at the consistent addressing of Rooney’s exhibitions.

The media spotlight is just the same old thing new for Rooney who joined Manchester United as a 18-year-old from Everton in 2004. He had effectively settled himself as the best England prospect of his era in the wake of making his debut as a 16-year-old in 2002 for Everton.

Manchester United paid $40M for Rooney and he turned into the world’s costliest player less than 20 years old. A cap trap against Fenerbahçe on his United debut got Rooney’s profession at Old Trafford off to a flying begin.

Cristiano Ronaldo had as of now been at Old Trafford for a year however Rooney was viewed as the all the more energizing marking and of the two, the one with the more noteworthy potential.


Both players were conceived in 1985 with Ronaldo a February birthday versus October for Rooney.

Quick forward two years to the World Cup in Germany and the common perspective in England remained that Rooney was more profitable than Cristiano Ronaldo.

After a produced media story that Ronaldo by one means or another had a part to play in the red card Rooney got in the thump out stage against Portugal there was a huge collection of supposition that would have joyfully sold Ronaldo.

It is a state of question that Wayne Rooney was a better player than Rooney at old times. But Ronaldo proved better now.

Be that as it may, for those prepared to offer Ronaldo it turned into an instance of be watchful of what you wish for.

The 2007/08 season saw Ronaldo climb two or three apparatuses and most would agree that Rooney was left in his wake.

With both players now the other side of 30 their twilight soccer years are going to be quite different. Ronaldo remains at the peak of his game and is at worst the second best player in the world. For Wayne Rooney it looks as if he is simply a player who “could have been a contender.”