What can we expect from Ronaldo in Season 2015/2016

What can we expect from Ronaldo in Season 2015/2016


What can we expect from Ronaldo in season 2015/16? A question which Ronaldo fans as well as his haters are asking these days. With Laliga season about to start, this question is very relevant and quite a matter of debate considering that the Real Madrid forward is now 30 years of age, at which most of the players start seeing a downhill trend in terms of their performance and ability.

Those who don’t like Ronaldo and even some of the netural football fans claim that Ronaldo will not be the same from this season and his downhill slide has already started. They claim that although the player did perform magnificently in the last season, he is already feeling unfit and has started to get frequent injuries. If one looks at the trend in World Football, this argument does have weight to it. The decline of most footballers start around 29 and 30 years of age and it within couple of seasons after that age, the superstars are reduced to only an image of their past. This is particularly the case with forwards.

On the other hand Ronaldo fans and some neutral observers are of the opinion that although Ronaldo has reached the age where normal players start to decline, he is still super fit and his record breaking performances in last season are enough to prove that he will do the same this season. It is a known fact that Ronaldo is super hardworking and he is super fit so if he does not sustain any major injury, chances of him having another record breaking season are pretty bright.

By weighing both the arguments it is safe to assume that we can expect Ronaldo to perform exceptionally well in the upcoming season 2015/16, however this season can mark the start of a downhill trend for the worlds best player gradually.

It should be noted that Ronaldo has been scoring more than 50 goals per season since last 5 seasons. A feat. never before achieved by any player.