Video – The eagle eye vision of Cristiano Ronaldo

Video – The eagle eye vision of Cristiano Ronaldo

Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo is known as the greatest goal scorer of his era. He scores 350+ goals for Los Blancos side in just six seasons. But the eagle eye vision of Cristiano Ronaldo was seen in recent matches. As he is turning out to be a helping hand to his side. A new Cristiano Ronaldo.

Presently, Cristiano Ronaldo has set another individual best for assists. A single Champions League battle with Real Madrid. The 32-year-old forward set up Kroos for the holders’ second goal. In their 3-1 last-16 first-leg win over Napoli at the Santiago Bernabeu on Wednesday.

Video – The eagle eye vision of Cristiano Ronaldo


Video - The eagle eye vision of Cristiano Ronaldo

It’s turning out to be evident that Ronaldo has lost the sheer power that was before his trademark. Be that down to the collecting impacts of injuries or basically the attacks of time. That has opened up a more insightful, team based ethic to his game.

Ronaldo, who indicated splendid aptitude and a turn of pace to skip past Kalidou Koulibaly before teeing up Kroos. He has now overseen five assists in eight appearances in the 2016-17 rivalry – an individual record in his time at the club.

The Portugal star might not have scored against Maurizio Sarri’s side. It was Karim Benzema and Casemiro who got other goals after Lorenzo Insigne’s opener.

However, the way that he made a sum of five possibilities for his partners gives a wrong representation of the thought of him as a narrow minded center forward.

In reality, no player for either side made more key goes than Ronaldo’s five. With Luka Modric and Insigne nearest on three each.

Notwithstanding achieving his assist point of interest, Ronaldo is bearing his most exceedingly awful dry season before a goal in the Champions League. As he is having now gone 523 minutes without finding the net in the opposition.

This season, Ronaldo has shown some incredible displays. He helped Real Madrid lift the La Liga as well as the Champions League trophies. He has delivered great performances against the heavyweight opponents, while he was rested against the smaller teams.

During the matches he played, he gave amazing displays, and left the world of football in awe. Whether or not Ronaldo manages to win matches and add to his own numbers, he definitely gives performances that will be remembered by the world forever.

Watch the video that proves the eagle eye vision of Cristiano Ronaldo: