Ronaldo’s son could not say his name, Ronaldo isn’t impressed

Ronaldo’s son could not say his name, Ronaldo isn’t impressed

In a recent video clip ahead of the release of Cristiano Ronaldo’s new movie, Ronaldo’s son was asked to pronounce his name in the video clip by the video creating team and staffs.

Ronaldo’s son could not say his name, Ronaldo isn’t impressed


The Portuguese Great was trying to convince his son to speak up his name but Ronaldo’s son could not say his name in the sets of the movie. This irritated the Real Madrid star and he came out frustrated.

The clip had a scenario where Ronaldo spend some special moment with his kid.



It is obviously a thing about worries and prestige for Ronaldo in front of the media where his young lad was suffering. Ronaldo’s son could not say his name at the age of 5 years which is an act every kid can easily come across.

Ronaldo’s son was born on June 17, 2010

The movie will feature about Ronaldo’s important matches, titles, his son and many more which is a twist for many million fans in the video.

The conversation happened in the following way:

“Don’t you know how to say your name, son?” the 30-year-old replied, adding: “It’s not Cristiano Santos, boy. Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos.”

There are a lot of expectations from the young kid of the legendary footballer. His future has a lot to come.

Ronaldo’s son could not say his name was highlighted in many of the media channels and news papers.

Moreover it is in the records that Ronaldo is a good father along with his biggest rival Lionel Messi. Lionel Messi is also seen with his son Thiago on the field.

There is a co-incidence between Ronaldo, Messi and their son’s. Many of the fans must not be aware of the fact that the age difference between Ronaldo Jr and  Thiago Messi is the same like their father’s.

Thiago Messi was born 869 days after Cristiano Ronaldo Junior – the same age difference their fathers share.

Ronaldo is a short tempered guy sometimes. When Ronaldo’s son could not say his name it was certain that the renowned footballer would be surely be agitated.