Ronaldo’s girlfriend will help raise his twins

Ronaldo’s girlfriend will help raise his twins!

Around a month back, news broke that Cristiano Ronaldo is having twin babies. If this is the first time you’re hearing about this, then it is to be noted that Ronaldo’s current girlfriend, Georgina Rodriguez, is not the mother. But, it seems that the 22 year old woman is very much interested in being a part of the whole process. Because, apparently, Ronaldo girlfriend will help raise his twins.

Ronaldo’s girlfriend will help raise Ronaldo’s twins!


Ronaldo's girlfriend will help raise his twins

It was accounted for that the Real Madrid star is set to extend his family soon, as Ronaldo has, at the end of the day, swung to a surrogate to have his children. As indicated by reports, the surrogate is right now living in America. The twins are normal in Madrid soon, and it was generally expected that they will be cared for by Cristiano and his mom Dolores. Nonetheless, the Portuguese press on Wednesday expressed their trust that Georgina Rodriguez will have a key part raising the twins as well.

Ronaldo's girlfriend will help raise his twins

According to reports, Georgina Rodriguez has started preparing to deal with Ronaldo’s twins when they are conceived. As proof of this claim, it’s reported that Georgina Rodriguez shared a photo of twin young ladies on Instagram. Ronaldo’s romantic interest has had previous experience of being with children, as she used to be a babysitter in Bristol in 2015. Can we assume that she will be perfectly suited for the job of helping Ronaldo raise the new babies, while also giving full attention to Ronaldo’s son who is about to turn 7? We already know that Ronaldo is a doting father to his son, and can expect that the new addition to his family will be a joyous event for him. With Rodriguez’ interest in raising the twins, it seems that she has made a very special place in his life.