Marcelo says Ronaldo will be supported by teammates till the end

Marcelo says Ronaldo will be supported by teammates till the end

Real Madrid vice-captain and Ronaldo’s long time partner Marcelo has recently said in an interview that he and the other players of Real Madrid will support Ronaldo to the death, in the middle of all the uncertainty over the player’s future at the club.

Marcelo says Ronaldo will be supported by teammates till the end


For the past couple of months, several doubts have cropped up regarding whether or not Ronaldo will join the club in the upcoming season. This is the result of the recent accusation brought upon the player by the Spanish authorities. He has been accused by Hacienda tax authorities that Ronaldo has used a network of offshore organizations. This is to avoid the payment of €14.7 million as tax on ‘image rights’ income.

Ronaldo may face jail time or be fined heavily if he is found guilty. He is due in court on 31st of July. His representatives have denied the charges of course. Meanwhile, Real Madrid issued a statement saying that they believe Ronaldo to be a responsible person, and are sure that he has performed his tax duties. They mentioned their faith that he will surely prove his innocence.

Ronaldo, however, was unhappy about this statement. he mentioned to his friends at a dinner that Real Madrid could have provided more support to him in this regard. From then on, the rumour about his possible exit from the club has been spread by Spanish and Portuguese media.

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Now that Ronaldo is with his family, nothing has yet been confirmed by the player to the media, or to the club authorities about his plans. He has been seen enjoying his holiday hours with his family and his girlfriend in Ibiza. While Real Madrid president Florentino Perez has mentioned his belief that the player will hopefully return, customs agents reportedly boarded his yacht this week has further made his possible exit from the club a grave issue.

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Before the preseason training session, Marcelo spoke on this matter at a news conference, and mentioned that he wants to wait ntil Ronaldo joins the rest of the squad to discuss the issue. Ronaldo is not part of the team that has left for the US tour, and he will probably not join the International Champions Cup Clasico match in Miami.

he said that he has not yet spoken to his team’s star player, but he added that Ronaldo surely knows that his Real Madrid teammates are going to be by his side to the death, and that they intend to speak to him and find out his plans once he arrives.

Madrid, meanwhile, arrived in Los Angeles on Tuesday, and began their preparations for the ICC schedule which will begin on 23rd July in California’s Santa Clara. They will be meeting with Jose Mourinho’s Manchester United.