Homeless Cristiano Ronaldo in Madrid surprises the locals

Homeless Crsitiano Ronaldo in Madrid surprises the locals


Cristiano Ronaldo took to the streets of Madrid disguised as a bearded homeless person. In a video which was made in collaboration with ROC live life loud Cristiano Ronaldo gets a complete makeover before hitting the streets. Along with rough long hair, mustaches and a beard the Ronaldo also had to wear padding on body to disguise himself as a homeless person. The makeup was pretty good and non of the people could recognize Ronaldo. The video shows him going on a busy street with his a dog. He ties the dog to a bench and then starts performing random tricks to get the attention of the people passing by. Most of the people Ignored the superstar thinking of him as random homeless guy. During the prank Home less Cristiano Ronaldo even asked a girl for her number while dribbling the ball, but as expected the girls ignored the homeless freestyler.


After messing around for a couple of hours, Ronaldo starts to play with a kid. The kid tries to tackle the homeless person (actually Ronaldo) but does not succeed. In the dramatic ending Homeless Cristiano Ronaldo asks the kid for his name to give an autograph on the football, but the kid doesn’t look much interested to get autograph from a homeless person. At this stage after giving autograph on football, just when the kid is looking at the autograph, Ronaldo takes off his fake hair, beard and mustaches. As expected the people nearby were taken by pleasant surprise and a huge number of fans started to gather around him.


The prank was perfectly executed and shows the lighter side of Cristiano Ronaldo.