Highlights and Best Moments: Real Plays A Threatening Match Against Valerenga, But the Real Madrid Vs Valerenga Match Ends In Draw

Real Plays A Threatening Match Against Valerenga, But Match Ends In Draw.

Real Madrid faced Valerenga Fotball in a friendly match before the start of the La Liga season on the August, 2015. In this match, much to the disappointment of the fans, Cristiano Ronaldo was on the Spanish team. However, Real Madrid put up a great fight in the pre-season match.

As the match started, plenty of Real Madrid fans were seen in the crowd, even though the home-team was well-represented. Valerenga also gave a decent start to the game, as they posed to be greatly threatening, and managed to pen Real Madrid in with a few throws. However, Bale soon got a great opportunity to advance on Valerenga’s box, but was caught offside. Yet, Real maintained the threatening stance, with great advances by Bale, James and Danillo.

Gareth Bale
Real Madrid Vs Valerenga – Gareth Bale in Action

At about the 8th minute, Marcelo found a space down the left, but the chance did not transtale to any change in the scoreboard as he lost his footing. Real continued to become more and more threatening, as minutes rolled on, with Bale and Modric making attempts from the inside box, and in the 25th minute, there was a shout for Real as Nacho tumbled inside the box. Real seemed to have several chances with the ball, as well, in their particularly threatening power-play, but these chances did not turn to real goals, as Valerenga made sure to prevent the ball from getting netted. Thus, with no change in the score board, the first half of the match came to an end, with an additional, goalless minute.

Gareth Bale
Real Madrid Vs Valerenga – The Unpredictable Gareth Bale

With various speculations regarding whether or not Real would be able to maintain its domination, the 2ns half of the match was kick-started.  Sure enough, Valerenga seemed to be struggling, while Real continued to dominate and threaten. This was a little surprising, because even though real is noted for taking control over new teams, Valerenga is not that new, because they are already 1 games into their league season. However, their excitement went a little too far, and Varane from Real got booked for fouling Abdellaoue. But the team continued to come face to face with several chances, even though they did not score a goal. The match continued until the 0 minutes, and 1 mn was added, but the score remained Valerenga 0-0 Real Madrid.

James Rodriguez
Real Madrid Vs Valerenga – James Rodriguez

Real should have been the clear winner in the match, but the home team put up a praiseworthy defense, which led them to maintain the level score. This definitely left the Real fans a little disappointed, but the superb game more than made up for lack of win.