Highlights and Best Moments: Real Madrid snatches the victory in Audi Cup 2015 match, despite great opposition

Highlights and Best Moments: Real Madrid snatches the victory in Audi Cup 2015 match, despite great opposition

In an exciting match of Audi Cup 2015, Real Madrid came face to face with Tottenham. But, unfortunately for the fans of Real Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo was not seen in this match. Yet, that did not keep soccer fans from watching the match with equal fervor.

The Spurs kicked of the match, and within one minute, a miss from Lamela halted heart beats. It was a great start for Spurs. Soon, Jese kicked the ball right at the bar, and the superb effort met with an unlucky end. 7 minutes into the game, and Michel Vorm was seen making an excellent save. What was remarkable was that three excellent opportunities were seen within the first 8 minutes of the match, followed by a great shot from range by Eriksen, but it was saved by Casilla – a rather funny save it was, with the ball diving and bouncing right in front of him, as he kicked it clear.

Gareth Bale
Audi Cup 2015 – Gareth Bale in Action

The match went on, and the excitement was maintained throughout. Bale was someone to watch out for was Bale. Meanwhile, the ball was seen more and more with Real. The match rolled on, and some great skill was seen from Alli, especially because of the height and elegance. In the 36th minute, as Rose got penalized, Real Madrid scored the first goal of the match, with the help of James. By the time the match reached its half time, the score board read Real Madrid 1-0 Tottenham.

Real Madrid
Audi Cup 2015 – Real Madrid in a hard chase

2 minutes into the second half, Kane got fouled, and Tottenham got a free kick in the centre circle. Spurs monopolized the possession of the ball, pushing Madrid back. Shots, crosses and corners rained throughout the second match which turned out to be even more action packed than the first, until the pace dropped drastically by the 60th minute. But, Real is not the team to give up easily, and they soon had all their 11 men after the ball, ready to reclaim it, until they did. And in the 79th minute, Michel Vorn scored the second goal for Real.

Audi Cup 2015
Audi Cup 2015 – Real Madrid celebrating the victory

Spurs did not look like they would be scoring after that, and the match continued till the 0th minute, without Tottenham being able to sneak the ball into the box. With no extra minutes added to the match, Real Madrid ended up being the winner. The final score read Real Madrid 2-0 Tottenham.