HD Highlights Real Madrid vs Galatasaray – Los Blancos Defeated Cimbom in the 36th Santiago Bernabéu Trophy

HD Highlights Real Madrid vs Galatasaray – Strong competition by Galatasaray, But Real Wins The Match



Real Madrid came face to face with Galatasaray for the the Santiago Bernabeu trophy match. The team, today, was quite strong, even though some of the other key players were also made to rest today. Real’s lineup did not discouge the loyal fans from staying glued to the game. Even though there were a few injuries.

As the match started, Cristiano saw a shot saved after he cut in from the left. Umut and Sergio Ramos struggled for the ball, and as the Turkish striker managed to outmuscle the Real captain, the visiting forward ended up getting penalized for a foul. Bale whipped in a cross from the right, but Cristiano failed to rise well enough for a strong header.

Jese used a lovely piece of skill to get away from Camdal, but Balta halted him in the tracks. Galatasaray seemed to be matching up to the explosive and dangerous attitude of the Spanish team in the opening moments of the match. As Danilo tried to connect with Isco, the fact that they do not have matching wavelengths became apparent, with a stray pass from Danilo being shepherded out of play for Carole’s goal kick.

Even before the first 10 minutes of the match, Real seemed to be in possession of the ball for the majority of the time, thus creating some early first half chances. Meanwhile, Umut’s long pass to Podolski got executed wrong, and as a result, Marcelo broke down the left. Only Jese was able to divert a headed effort wide off the target. However, the next cross by Bale came along, and Jese was unable to control the delivery.

Real Madrid vs Galatasaray – Marcelo In Action

As the fight grew stronger between the two teams, the first big chance happened for Gala in the 16th minute, as Podolski found the space to break to the edge of the penalty area to unleash a shot. But Navas was there to gobble it up. However, within just 1 minute of this, Nacho Fernandez scored a goal for Real, and gave the team its lead, as he rose in the centre of penalty area and flicked a wonderful header home, with the assistance of Luka Modric.

As the macth rolled on towards its half time, Ronaldo made several attempts at the box, and saw quite a few chances, but unfortunately, he saw his attempts blocked, and by the time the first half of the match came to its end, there was no other change in the score coard, which real Real Madrid 1-0 Galatasaray.

Cristiano Ronaldo
Real Madrid Vs Galatasaray – Cristiano Ronaldo’s Victory Run

As the 2nd half started, the two teams came down with renewed vigour, and the match got a whole lot more interesting, with Marcelo and Kroos playing a lovely one-two, but the fomer failing to make any progress. Jese managed to scamper his way to the left byline, and robbed Sabri of the ball, but Gunter cut him back. Sneider showed some neat play, before he was penalized for having his foot in on Nacho. Real broke, with Marcelo’s unorthodox position not helping in bringing the ball under control.

52 minutes into the game, and with the assistance of Podolski, Wesley Sneider made the score even as he struck a goal for Galatasaray. Real obviously seemed flabbergasted, and the two teams locked horns, continuing a strong competition, up until the 81st minute, when Marcelo scored the second goal for Real. The score was maintained till the end of the game, after which 3 additional mintes were also played. But, no significant change was seen on the board, which read Real Madrid 2-1 Galatasaray at the end of the match.