HD Highlights: Benitez’s Reign Holds Strong As Real Madrid Draws With Gijon After A Power-Packed Match

Benitez’s Reign Holds Strong As Real Madrid Draws With Gijon After A Power-Packed Match

Real Madrid came face to face with Sporting Gijon in the La Liga match on 23rd August, 2015. With Rafa Benitex back in the coach’s chair, fans were overzealous to see a great match. The match started off at 7.30, with the newly promoted Gijon kick-starting the game. There were speculations about Benzema’s injury, and his absence was seen from Real’s side during the match. This also set tongues wagging with rumours that he is possibly on his way to Arsenal or West Ham.


During the in 2nd min of the match, Sergio Ramos won a foul, with Gareth Bale charging through the middle in the 3rd min, towards the goal. Despite his tackle, the ball went to Ronaldo, who failed to catch his volley, and Cuellar claimed the ball with confidence. 5 min into the match, and the pace was already furious, with Gijon playing with special power. A few minutes later, there was a ball towards Ronaldo’s favourite territory, and he cracked his free kick into the wall.2846

Bale, Cueller and Modric seemed to be right after the ball, but despite their efforts, there was no change in the score in the first 15 min of the match. Bale and Isco from Real, and Rory Delap and Hernandez from Gijon continued their strong efforts for the next 15 min, until Ronaldo suddenly brought out his full energy and focus. 33 min into the game, and he almost scored a goal, as he rammed one goalwards from 25 yards. However, Cueller was pushed the ball down. As Jese’s attempt went straight to Cueller, Real Madrid seemed a little frustrated, while Gijon came agonizingly close to taking the lead. The match soon rolled on to the 45th min, and at half time, the scoreboard read Sporting 0-0 Real Madrid.


As the 2nd half started, Isco cleverly swayed to the left to sshoot from 20 yards, but it went to Cueller. Carmona made a strong attempt, but his header went past post. Soon, Ronaldo sent the ball flying, but it went to Cueller, again. In the 56th min, Rodriguez replaced Jese. Soon, Real got a free-kick in a shooting position, as Bale bumped over off the ball while attempting to play a one-two with Isco. But, the free kick went over the bar, only to add to the frustration of Real.

After a power-packed few minutes by Isco and Bale, Carmona got booked for fouling Marcelo. Ronaldo gave a couple of stepovers, and James Rodriguez, too, shot from the right. But like all the other shots, these went to Cueller, as well. Jonny Rodriguez got booked in the 71st min of the match. Minutes rolled on, with the two teams giving their all, but none of their efforts actually translated into any change in the score board. Gijon went out of their half, but it did not last long, and their pattern was restored as Ronaldo blasted a shot to the top corner. But Cueller showed his brilliance once again.2882

A determined Gijon and a frustrated Real completed 90 min with not much luck, and an additional 4 min were played, after which the score still read Sporting Gijon 0-0 Real Madrid. While Gijon was a surprisingly strong opponent, Real Madrid did not give up, thanks to Rafa’s re-establishment of his power to hold the Spanish team together in the face of challenge.