Cristiano Ronaldo Social Donations And Charity Funds

Answer for those who says “Ronaldo is Selfish”

Many people had said that Cristiano Ronaldo, the star striker of Real Madrid is a selfish player but the facts contradicts these opinion. We are going to represent you some facts and figure which will be an answer for those who believed in this. A person who have pain for other in his heart cannot be a selfish. He will play for his team, for his nation not only for himself or just for money. He is a kind heart person who helps the needy and the victims. A person kind and generous in his life cannot be selfish in the field. Here are some donation and charity that Ronaldo had done in the past:

Cristiano Ronaldo Social Donations And Charity Funds


1: Donation of 1.5 million euros for the children of Gaza

Cristiano Ronaldo Social Donations And Charity Funds
Ronaldo donates his 2011 golden boot for schools of Gaza

The great star of Real Madrid has donated €1.5 million for the construction and rehabilitation of the schools in Gaza, Palestine. This news was revealed by an Arabic site. Ronaldo gave his golden boot earned by him in 2011 to Real Madrid Foundation. The Foundation sold the boot in an auction and dedicate the money for the betterment of schools in Gaza.

2. Ronaldo donates €60,000 to a child for cortical dysplasia’s operation.

Cristiano Ronaldo Social Donations And Charity Funds
Ronaldo donates €60,000 for a child suffering from a rare brain disorder

Ronaldo was asked to donate his shirt and shoes to raise fund of €60,000 for the operation of a 10 month old child suffering from a rare brain disease. Ronaldo shows his maturity and generosity, paid the money required for the treatment and send his shirt and shoes as a gift for the child. In 2012, he also help his 9 year old fan which was suffering from cancer.


3: Donation of UEFA check to International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)

Cristiano Ronaldo Social Donations And Charity Funds
Ronaldo and UEFA donating an amount of 100,000 euros to ICRC

Cristiano Ronaldo and UEFA gave 100,000 euros to support International Committee of the Red Cross for the physical rehabilitation programme in Afghanistan for the people who were the victims of land-mines.

4: Ronaldo has no tattoo on his body because he often donate blood

Cristiano Ronaldo Social Donations And Charity Funds
Cristiano Ronaldo donating blood

Ronaldo do not have any tattoo on his body, he explain the reason by saying that he often (twice in a year) donate blood. He also donate bone marrow to the son of his teammate. He said that “It doesn’t cost anything, it’s a simple process and then you feel happy because you know you are helping another person.”

Cristiano Ronaldo also remained evolved in my other social activities like visiting cancer hospitals, donating his belongings for other. He prove himself a kind human being by is generosity and maturity towards the social issues.

he Also Ronaldo Sponsors Lower-Division Hometown Club from Madeira

Cristiano Ronaldo Social Donations And Charity Funds
Cristiano Ronaldo with children of a hospital in Portugal

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  1. Dear Ronaldo

    I am a strong believer of assisting the community being of a registered nursing background. Also a ROTARIAN, we would like you to come to our club in London one day. Please do come and visit us.

    Recently my President was in South Korea for the 2016 Rotary Convention. She connected with the Nigerian Club President.who was seeking another club to collaborate with them. We the Rotarians felt, there were benefits to all women and children.and most of all humanity in NIGERIA..

    We were all amused and excited with the donation you made, a mobile Bus for the blood bank in Nigeria with the Rotary Logo alongside with your face on the bus. My humble request please please if you can donate any amount to our club, Pall MALL, London, We appreciate your kindness.

    We are in the process of raising funds to support and sustain this project,by building solar panels to maintain the blood bank in Nigeria, which is paramount.The amount we have to raise is 48,000 euros.
    I look forward to your favorable response.


    ( PR Marketing and Communications officer)
    Pall Mall RC London

  2. CR is not a selfish person on and off the field. My dad has been an ardent fan of his for almost 17 years. We all support his skills and strength in the game and NO one, Nobody can take his place.
    CR has always been soft on the inside and became hard on the outside. CR has never ever been selfish.

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  8. Ronaldo, no doubt you are one of the football greatest of our time. You’re blessed. As a former African scrabble Champ I would like to admonish you that, as you’re doing this great work and entertaining the world, please be mindful of your salvation or sojourn as christian. i pray the Holy Spirit will continue to guide you so you can live above the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the inordinate pride.
    The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen (Rev.22:21)

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  9. June 26, 2017

    Four Houses Community
    Du-Port Road

    Christiano Ronald
    Real Madrid Football Club
    Madrid, Spain

    Dear Ronaldo:

    We wish to present our sincere compliments and herewith transmit the attached medical reports and bill from the Trust Hospital for our son, Dani Z. Torla with the hope that you can please help us.

    Dani was borne on Wednesday, 6 March 2013 at the St. Joseph Catholic Hospital in Monrovia with poorly developed penis and scrotum. With assurances from the attending nurse, we were told not to circumcise him until his penis developed. But as time went by and his penis was not developing, his groin began swelling and unable to pass urine normally. We have taken him to all the major hospitals in Liberia where we’ve been repeatedly told that he needs a specialized urological investigation and surgical reconstruction that are not currently available here in Liberia.

    Dani has started going to school and comes back home to ask us why he is unable to stand up and urinate like his friends in school do!! Please help us, “CR”, to give Dani a normal life.

    Looking up to hear from you.


    Daniel & Sametta Torla
    [email protected]/[email protected]

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  11. I really appreciate your kindness to all the world. I have attained admission into a medical school after 7years of perseverance and hard work. In Ghana, being a medical doctor is life saving as the patient-doctor ratio is very bad. I have always wish to work to reduce maternal and infant mortality, however this dream seem to be dying as I have to pay my fees in two weeks time or my admission will be nullified. With all avenues exhausted I turn to you for help. Helping a desperate student today can save numerous lives tomorrow. I hope I am considered.

  12. Hello Ronaldo,
    My nephew baby Yusuf just turned 1 month old. He’s got a rare heart defect called hypoplastic left heart syndrome, where the left side of the heart is not developed. Treatment involves 3 stages of surgery, which is not done locally in Trinidad & Tobago. He’s currently in Ft Lauderdale, Florida undergoing treatment, where he’s recovering from his first surgery. Treatment is extremely costly in the US, and we’re seeking donations to help cover costs for hospital stay and 2nd surgery, which is due in a few months time. Ideally, he has to stay in the US between 1st and 2nd surgeries for follow ups and monitoring. we’d appreciate your help. we’ve set up a gofundme link for donations. feel free to contact me.

  13. Thanks for your generosity may God continue blessing you. Through your charity organization think about the deaf who can not understand anything in church so we made an organization comprising of sign language interpreters to assist but we lack funds. If you can just offer us your shirt and we make a funderising using and we raise some funds. You will have supported us financially. Jerome

  14. All I have ever fancied in an athelete, I have found it in cr7. No wrds to say that cn suffice my appreciation fr da wrks of yo hand. LOL.
    Dos Angel

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  16. Hello – I am rajcoomar Jhurry from Mauritius – I would like to contact with Cristiano Ronaldo for an education project. can i have an address, email or watsapp pleasde?

  17. Dear CR7 we kindly send this massage to you for begging your help
    we have a small football ball team under 15 & 13 but we struggle with balls and kite we tried a lot to find
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  18. Mr Cristiano thanks for all the endeavors, May the Almighty God bless you abundantly I wish you could extend that support to the young generation’s of East africa Uganda that want to fight hard and reach where you are,am fighting hard with a small soccer academy but it’s not easy,so kindly am calling in for your support please.i will glad if you put my request into consideration God bless.

  19. U r a great person u help needy people so can u help me I now I m needy nobody help me if u help me I pray for u I have three kids my husband have no work busnice we r very poor people and needy I want some money for busnice of husband I have not enough money to pay house rent 3 months so u can. Understand how much I m poor I m from Pakistan and my English is not good my phone Nbr if u help me 03468102087


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