Cristiano Ronaldo Record against Malaga

Cristiano Ronaldo Record against Malaga


How many players are there in the world of Football who score more than a goal every single game they play? Well not many, But Ronaldo is one and he boosts an excellent goal scoring ratio against all his opponents. For some opponents the the goal scoring ratio is better than other. Malaga is another team against which Ronaldo is guaranteed to score a goal in every time he meets them on pitch.

Ronaldo averages a goal a game against Malaga and has scored 13 goals in equal number of matches. Ronaldo scored his first hat-trick against Malaga in 2011 at the Bernabeu. The score line of that match was 7 – 0 in favor of Real Madrid showing the sheer dominance of the Whites over Malaga. Second hat-trick of Ronaldo against Malaga came in October 2014 at the La Rosaleda. At this occasion Real Madrid defeated Malaga by 4 goals to nil.

However, Ronaldo once had a bad day against Malaga when he failed to find the back of net in November 2014 and could only provide two assists. Yes! by the stratospheric standards which Ronaldo maintains, it was his off day, only providing a couple of assists.

Considering the record of Ronaldo against them, the Malaga side should probably go into future games with Real Madrid with a mindset of already being 1 – 0 behind, even before the game starts.