Cristiano Ronaldo launches headphones in collaboration with Monster

Cristiano Ronaldo launches headphones in collaboration with Monster


Cristiano Ronaldo is a very marketable footballer and the different brands have used his marketability over the years. Other than doing marketing for different brands, Ronaldo has also over the years launched and marketed products with his own brand. This shows the entrepreneurial side of Cristiano Ronaldo. Previously he has launched his own line of under wears, shirt collection and formal shoes collection.

Now Cristiano Ronaldo has teamed up with Monster via his own company ROC Live Life Loud in order to launch his own line of headphones. On the launch of his new headphones collection he explained that he is all about quality and performance and his line of headphones aim to provide excellent sound quality along with great performance to the consumers around the world.

The headphone collection has three different models. The first one is ROC sport Freedom which will be available for a price of $250, the second one is ROC sport super slim which will be available for $170 and the last one is ROC Sport Black platinum which will have a price tag of $300.

The trio is expected to be launched soon and the exclusive launch partner for the collection is Ebay. It will be interesting to see how well does the Ronaldo headphone line performs as this is a very competitive market.