Cristiano Ronaldo Injury History

The great Portuguese footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo has been in news a number of times due to his injury on the field. It is very important for a player to have a sound physical state so that he can give his best to the game.

Christiano Ronaldo Injury History

The fastest football player whose total official goals crossed 200, Cristiano Ronaldo has had many of these injuries in his games. But he has always shown sportsmanship and stood for his team whenever they needed him. Football is the game where the players get hit very frequently. They either get cramps, sprains or tendon injuries. On some occasions, the injury can be severe and the player’s eye, nose or ear may be wounded. Cristiano Ronaldo on rare occasions preferred to rest rather than playing. Otherwise in many games he risked his Football career despite of the severity of his injuries.

Cristiano Ronaldo Injury History

In our today’s article I will be narrating Cristiano Ronaldo injury history during the last five years.

Christiano Ronaldo Injury History

Season 2014

In this season, Cristiano Ronaldo had injuries and was unfit due to his knee issue, patellar tendinitis in particular and problems related to his thigh muscles.

Season 2013

During this year, he had thigh muscle sprain and he had to miss 3 of his games in Real Madrid.

Season 2012

During this year he received a severe injury on his eye as his face was smashed by Levante defender David Navarro. But he won the heart of his fans by scoring a goal with that injury as his vision was blurred due to the bleeding.

Season 2011

He suffered from muscular problems during this season. But soon after his recovery he was able to bring many awards to his name.

Season 2010

The famous star and record setter of the Champions league season had contusion for  a few weeks. However, he did not miss much of his games.

Season 2009

He had Malleolar injuries during this season and he missed many of his games while he was in Manchester United.

On one occasion he was asked about his injuries and the risk for his football career, he said,

On holidays I rest and look after my body. Sometimes I bring my body to the maximum, all elite athletes do that.


In most of his games, Ronaldo had minor injuries and he resumed playing. However, a player should be cautious, not to do much harm to himself by avoiding minor aches and sprains. Cristiano Ronaldo follows a strict diet and exercise plan to keep himself at the top. It has been said if there is no pain then there will be no gain. Football is a game where a slight deviation from left to right can change the entire future of a player. Those who show perfection in their skills make history and make place for themselves in the heart and minds of their fans.

Christiano Ronaldo Injury History

It is always a topic of concern for the fans to know if their favorite players are in perfect form. The numerous lovers of Cristiano Ronaldo want to see him in sound health and continue seeing him make his moves on the ground.

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