Cristiano Ronaldo Haircut and Hairstyle through the Career

The Portuguese winger Cristiano Ronaldo is not only the best football player in the world; he is also a symbol of style and glamour for his generation. Throughout the whole career he is always in the news for his trendy and stylish haircuts. He is the only player who changes many hairstyles in a season and each new style is even better than the previous one. It is equally liked and fallowed by the millions of fans. When Cristiano Ronaldo moved from Sporting CP to Manchester United, he had a very messy hairstyle. From that he did not look back in football and hairstyles too. Each new day he appears with a new hairstyle and earns ultimate fame.


Cristiano Ronaldo hairs are naturally curly so he chooses to get a medium-short hairstyle, with the haircut longer on the top and a bit shorter on both sides.  To avoid hair stacking up in side areas he uses a good technique, creating small layers in those areas.

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Cristiano Ronaldo has been revealing an innovative haircut almost every season. Spikes are also a favorite with the players and he dons them in a modest amount. So here we are presenting a list of Cristiano Ronaldo haircut and hairstyle through the career. Check them out and you will find the reason of his popularity among football fans.

Checkout The Amazing Slideshow Of Cristiano Ronaldo’s Hairstyling:

Cristiano Ronaldo Haircut and Hairstyle

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