Cristiano Ronaldo Body Strength Tested to the Limit with “Smart-Speed”

Cristiano Ronaldo Body Strength Tested to the Limit with “Smart-Speed”

Athletes are expected to be fit and well built. And, if there’s one athlete who is the the ultimate example of fitness, then it is Cristiano Ronaldo. He has one of the best bodies in the business. But it’s more than just his body.


Ronaldo’s speed and focus make him among the best players in the history of the sport. Ronaldo’s speed on the field is incredible; it has left his opponents dazed, and has always left the audience in awe.

Remember the video or Ronaldo’s vision being tested, where CR7 shot goals in complete darkness? Well, let’s jog your memory about the facts: it was a part of a series of scientific tests to measure the Portuguese football player’s capabilities, for a documentary on the sportsman made by Castrol and screened on Sky Sports.

Indeed, the player proved his uncanny vision – who else can score in complete darkness, over and over again? But, do you know about Cristiano Ronaldo body strength tested to the limit with “Smart-Speed”?

One of the most valuable footballers on the planet, Ronaldo’s talent is mesmerizing. He has a very good technique and he is very fast. He is a complete athlete. There is no doubt about the fact that he is one of the greatest athletes in the world. But the question is what gives him the edge over other players? What makes him special?

Cristiano Ronaldo Body Strength Tested to the Limit with "Smart-Speed"


To find out, Ronaldo was invited to come to a specially created state for the art laboratory in Madrid. A series of tests was curated just to test Ronaldo’s physical abilities. There, the world’s exclusive sports science experts took him under the observation and formed many forensic experiments on his body to check his body strength, mental ability, technique and finally his skills.

Eventually, it turned out that Ronaldo’s gifts are many. Ronaldo has put his gifts to proper use, and has thus become of the greatest athletes in the world, with incredible determination to better himself.

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Now, let’s check out what were the results regarding his body strength.

Cristiano Ronaldo Body Strength Tested to the Limit with “Smart-Speed”

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