Benítez: “Cristiano Ronaldo is still hungry”

Benítez: “Cristiano Ronaldo is still hungry”

The Real Madrid coach paid tribute to the Portuguese striker’s many attributes by saying:

trophy once it’s a big achievement, but to win four at this level means that we are talking about a true professional, a lot of hard work, perseverance, an eagerness to constantly kick on and, as he has said himself, a team behind him giving him the support he needs”.

Benítez: "Cristiano Ronaldo is still hungry"

“These numbers, figures and trophies are extremely difficult to achieve and they show that he is a very persistent player who possesses that inner drive to better himself which sets him apart. Whenever you have a player who scores so many goals, the team are going to win more games. He spoke clearly and thanked his teammates. He’s aware of how big a role they play for him and all the success he is enjoying”.

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“Cristiano Ronaldo keeps on setting new records. Obviously we’re talking about a player with a lot of talent and quality, and to surpass Raúl as the club’s all-time top goalscorer says it all. This is a player who is not only smashing records, but who is still hungry for more, full of ambition and capable of improving on his figures even further”.

There was a misunderstanding between the Portuguese superstar and Real’s new coach a weekend before. Ronaldo hesitated to stand out with his coach in a photograph. Ronaldo was out of form from a few matches and it was rumoured about benching the 4th Golden Boot winner. Ronaldo stopped interacting with his manager as well. Read Out the details here:Angry Ronaldo not speaking to Real Madrid coach- Rafael Benitez