Bale’s Wales open to friendly against Ronaldo’s Portugal

Bale’s Wales open to friendly against Ronaldo’s Portugal

Chris Coleman has uncovered that Wales would be interested in tackling Portugal in a well disposed at the Millennium Stadium one month from now, in a match that would definitely be charged as Gareth Bale against Cristiano Ronaldo.

Wales are quick to convey a main 10 country to Cardiff on the back of their capability for the European Championship finals, which was affirmed on Saturday regardless of them losing 2-0 against Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Coleman said that Portugal would possess all the necessary qualities. With Bale and Ronaldo coating up against each other, it is an installation that would captivate Real Madrid supporters as much as enthusiasts of the two countries included.

Whether the match gets off the ground stays to be seen. Coleman said that nothing is close as far as going to a concurrence with any country and there are likewise questions about whether Wales would have the capacity to meet Portugal’s money related requests for a well disposed installation in Cardiff.

“There’s a lot of teams we’ve got in mind, we obviously want some tough teams, we’re looking at top-10 opposition if we can, but it’s not always that easy,” Coleman said. “There’s a lot of teams on the list, but there’s nothing, nowhere near, being agreed with anyone at the moment.”

Asked specifically about facing Portugal, Coleman replied: “That would be a good one. There’s a rumour, though, that there’s a mini-tournament in Miami [in November] and they may be part of that. If they’re not, then of course we would be interested in that, that would be a good game.”

Coleman agreed that Bale against Ronaldo would be a fascinating prospect. “Exactly. And we want it in Cardiff if we can,” the Wales manager said. “Portugal would be something that we would be interested in, of course. It would be a good time to play [at the Millennium], if it’s going to be a bigger crowd.”

“Osian Roberts [the Wales assistant manager] got a text from Rafa Benítez saying: ‘Congratulations, well done’, which was nice. There has been no demand from Real Madrid on if he starts, how long he can play. Real Madrid have always been first class with us. I have to say that.”

“I certainly won’t be experimenting,” Coleman said. “That would be me being hypocritical – on the one hand saying to the players every time you pull the jersey on it has to mean everything for you, and then saying well I’m going to mess about with my formation. Tomorrow will be a full-house, the atmosphere will be electric, we don’t want it to be a damp squib. We want to finish well.”