Audi Cup – Real Madrid vs Tottenham Hotspur – Match Preview

Real Madrid vs Tottenham Hotspur Audi Cup 2015 – Match Preview


Real Madrid will face the premier league side Tottenham Hotspur on Tuesday in the semi final of the Audi Cup 2015. Both the teams are preparing for the upcoming season in their respective countries and Audi Cup fixture will provide a great preseason competitive match for the teams to review their preparations.

Real Madrid:


Real Madrid are to start their La Liga season on 23rd March when they face Sporting Gijon which is a newly promoted side. Real Madrid are preparing well for the upcoming season and the preparations have gained momentum. The team will be playing at least two matches this week. The Audi Cup 2015 semifinal against Tottenham Hotspur will be a good competitive game for Real Madrid, though they are the favorites to win the fixture.

Ronaldo and Benzema will be missing out on the action due to light injury problems which they suffered in the previous training session. It will be interesting to see how the team performs without two superstars. The recent form of Ream Madrid is pretty good with the team securing 4 wins in their last 5 matches.

Tottenham Hotspur:

tottenham 2015

Tottenham Hotspur on the other hand are also preparing for the upcoming premier league season. Unlike Real Madrid, Tottenham Hotspur does not have much time before the season and the team will face Manchester United on coming weekend, to mark the beginning of their premier league season. Tottenham Hotspur did not enjoy a good deal of playing time this summer and Audi Cup 2015 provides a great opportunity to get the team in geared up for the upcoming season. It will be a tough task for the team to defeat the Spanish giants and with new defensive signings, they might just fancy their chances. Tottenham also enjoys a good recent form with 4 wins in last 5 games.

With Real Madrid being the clear favorites, it will be interesting to see what tactics does Tottenham come up with.