7 amazing Cristiano Ronaldo facts will burn haters

7 amazing Cristiano Ronaldo facts will burn haters.


Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the most amazing¬†athletes of all-time. Aside from being one of the best football players of our generation, Ronaldo is also one of the most popular and adored players. Arrogant and downright cocky sometimes, Ronaldo’s “I’m the best” attitude doesn’t always go down fairly with everyone, but he more than compensates for his arrogance with his excellence on the football pitch. Well, not only with the magic he conjures with the football, there are some incredible facts about Cristiano Ronaldo that will make you breath slowly, to grasp them all and take them in at one go.

It’s almost to the point of an impossible feat to fathom the number of football records or legacy that Ronaldo has forged in his name,just because of the sheer enormity of it. So, on a more drastic approach, we have compiled a list that includes 7 astonishing facts that makes Ronald, well, Ronaldo. Read on.

  • As of 15th October, 2015, Cristiano Ronaldo is the most popular sportsperson in Facebook, with a breathtaking number of fans that reaches, wait for it, 107 millions.
  • It’s not only Facebook that establishes the absolute dominance of Ronaldo. Even on the other social media giant Twitter, Ronaldo’s fan statistics is unmatched, with the mind-boggling figure of 38.3 millions. In both cases, Lionel Messi loses to Ronaldo.
  • Keeping aside the popularity quotient, lets consider the financial factor. And it doesn’t make thing any less fantastic that even when it comes to total worth,Ronaldo steals the show. With a total worth of $148 millions, Christiano Ronaldo is the richest footballer on earth.
  • Here is a fact that will make you gape at awe. There is an actual university course on Ronaldo. Yes, you heard it right. University of British Columbia is offering a sociology course on Ronaldo. Oh, admit it,that’s just incredible!
  • The sex appeal is hard to miss. Cristiano Ronaldo has been voted¬†as the sexiest footballer on earth, and rightly so, as we all agree.
  • And then there is his heart. He is the most charitable athlete in the world, the notion supported by various charity associations.
  • Last, but definitely no the list, Cristiano Ronaldo is the highest paid footballer of this generation. He makes an unbelievable $79.6 millions a year. Phew, so much for the haters out there!

Here’s a video that will help you digest it more. Do watch and drop your comments to express how fascinated you were.